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Black Dog, Dream Dog


  • Winner, Best Chapter Book, Chocolate Lily Award
  • Finalist, People’s Book Prize
  • Short Listed, Hackmatack Children’s Choice Award


When Sam finds a big black dog in her backyard she wants to keep him. She can't let her mother find out, so she hides him in the shed. Meanwhile, Stella wakes up in a strange room after having had a stroke. She can't move and she can't talk. So how can she ask what happened to her dog? This is a story about a magical dog who not only brings people together but also changes Sam's life in ways she could never have dreamed.


This is one of the best books I have read since Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire (that was one of my favourite books until I read this book).

The National Post

Black Dog Dream Dog is a fantastic, feel-good read involving a contemporary Littlest Hobo who would never leaves those who love him and whom he loves in return.

Canadian Review of Materials

“A Tenure-track Dog,” in Professorial Paws

Edited by Ardra L. Cole and Sharon Sbrocchi

Every day, like clockwork, without effort or negotiation, our dogs ‘show up’ for us however we need them. In many ways, they make it possible for us to do what we do and be who we are; yet, their presence and roles are seldom acknowledged and often dismissed in the work they make possible, and outrightly prohibited in our institutional workplaces. As many reveal in this collection, some of our best academic work is attributable to the presence of dogs in our lives. In so many ways, in creative places outside institutions, dogs inspire, enable, and help us to make meaning of our academic life and work.

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In progress: The Heirloom Orchard

My next novel follows three generations of women experiencing love, loss, and their relationship with the land of their apple orchard estate in BC’s Okanagan.

Copy Writing

Negotiable per project rates

My effervescent writing style announces a unique, contemporary voice. I engage diverse readers through web copy focused on wellness and education.

I have never missed a deadline—ever. From my first year of college to my most recent freelance contract, all my work is submitted on time.

Tuja Wellness

Founded as Healthy Living Canada in 2009, tuja wellness is an online guide to finding the best wellness vendors across Canada. As one of the earliest members of tuja’s writing team, I wrote multiple vendor blurbs for Kelowna and Vancouver, edited vendor blurbs for Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, and created the columns Reading for Wellness and Yoga with Pam.

TK Land Design

This small landscaping business hired me to write the copy for its new website.

Write of Passage

I started this blog to showcase the amazing talent of UFV English department faculty and students. The content includes annual themed series, as well as information about departmental events, alumni profiles, new publications, and innovative course projects. I write most of the content, edit all submissions, and manage the Wordpress platform.